Ethics Before Education

Physics, Mathematics, Ethics and IT Teacher. Computer Professional, Software Developer and Theologian. Best-selling Author. Keynote Speaker at State, National and World Education Conferences. Member of the design team (LARG) for the new ATAR Technology Subjects. Lead Confirmer for Digital Solutions.

Teaching for over 40 years: Burnside High School (Christchurch, NZ); The Hutchins School (Hobart, Tasmania), Christ’s College (Christchurch, NZ), The Kooralbyn International School, St Peters Lutheran College, Somerville House (Queensland, Australia).

HOD IT and Mathematics for last 32 years.

My students have excelled – from developing some of the world’s best computer games; helping create the Prime Minister’s website; developing one of India’s leading Men’s Lifestyle and online News sites; and leading programming teams across many innovative IT companies. Academically some of them have won the top awards at Universities such as Bond Uni and UQ, to having their work selected as the best exemplar for the new ATAR subject Digital Solutions (see the QCAA 2020 Assessment Highlights Booklet).

I am now starting a new teaching and tutoring adventure and open to supporting students across the spectrum of educational options from traditional schooling to Home Schooling and the Unschooled.

I believe that our education system has generally failed to develop critical thinking skills and to teach the foundational importance of ethics and ethical decision making.

With Mitchel Resnick, the developer of the Scratch Programming Language

I am looking at offering individualised and group sessions both in-person and online and tailored learning programmes.

Contact me via email:

Paul F Herring M.Sc. Dip. Tchg, MACS (Snr) CP.
Queensland Teacher Registration No.: 722185

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