The Ethics of Free Will

Dr Egnor

“No free will means no justice: Free will is the cornerstone of all human rights and the cornerstone of our Constitutional rights. The denial of free will is, literally, the denial of human freedom. Without free will, we are livestock, without the presumption of innocence, without actual innocence, and without rights. A justice system that has no respect for free will—a justice system in which human choices are diseases— is a system of livestock management applied to homo sapiens.” – Prof. Michael Egnor

In October of 2021 after watching a Spanish series I was prompted to write an article on the ethics of the Covid-19 restrictions being imposed at that time. This was well before the era of Vaccine Mandates arrived. While it is easy to trivialize these ethical concerns, the recent response of the Canadian Prime-Minister to the Trucker protests should really wake people up to the seriousness of the tyranny raining down on us!

It is most illuminating to see who has responded without fear. Generally, it seems to me that is is those who truly ‘fear’ the Almighty, that are able to stand fearless before mere human tyrants. In fact, there is a great story told about a Rabbi in Russia and his response to having a gun held to his head that really sums this up to me.

“… Facing a council of armed and determined men, the Lubavitcher Rebbe again reaffirmed that he would not give up his religious activities, whatever threats might be made. When one of the agents pointed a gun at him, saying: “This little toy has made many a man change his mind”, the Lubavitcher Rebbe calmly replied: “That little toy can intimidate only the kind of man who has many gods-passions, and but one world-this world. Because I have only one G‑d and two worlds, I am not impressed by your little toy.

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