Excelling @ Digital Solutions

2020 saw the very first cohort of students complete the new ATAR subject Digital Solutions (I was on the LARG that did the design brief for this new course and all the new Technologies courses).

The QCAA produced a subject report for Digital Solutions (DS) that was published early last year. I was thrilled to see that all the included exemplar graphics of the internal assessment projects were from my students. They were an amazing group of girls and are already making waves since leaving high school, from gaining great scholarships to impressive work opportunities.

One of the real highlights for me was seeing the work of Samantha being included as she had been really struggling since coming to the school at the start of Year 11 but had shown great resilience and impressive growth to ultimately excel at DS in Year 12.

Later in the year the QCAA also produced an impressive booklet highlighting the best work from this cohort across a number of subjects. Again I was thrilled and immensely proud to see the exemplar chosen for Digital Solutions was the work of one of my students as well!

As a parent (I personally have 5 adult children and 9 grandchildren) I feel that we always want to see our children excel and out-perform their parents if possible. There is a real sense of ‘reflected glory’ when they achieve some personal milestone or are recognized for their great efforts in some endeavour.

Similarly as teachers we have this sense of pride and ‘reflected glory’! It also gives us great confidence that we are doing a good job – so thank you Taylor for such an amazing Year 12 in every way and especially in Digital Solutions!

And thanks to the QCAA for recognizing her work!
You can see her incredible work in the booklet below (go to Page 8):

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