Queensland Educator Stories

Queensland Education United have produced a booklet of the personal stories of ethical decision making in Education.

Their abridged version has 345 member stories that represent thousands of their members . These stories have been written by principals, deputies, administration staff, teachers, teacher aides, early childhood educators, guidance officers, cleaners, canteen vendors, grounds people and others who have been affected by the COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

These real stories from real people, highlight the seriously unethical nature of the vaccine mandates in a most powerful and anecdotal manner.

‘… Queensland is losing an overwhelming number of highly qualified educators and school staff. Ultimately though, it is the students who will suffer the most as a result of the loss of these passionate and dedicated educators and support staff, who simply want to continue working in education, safely, and without coercion.

The breadth and complexity of each person’s story clearly illustrates that the “one size fits all” approach of this mandate is short sighted, at best, and dangerously ignorant at worst.
Many of the stories contain experiences and unique circumstances that will, no doubt,
result in further litigation. This is due, not only to the gravity of their situation, but also
the cavalier manner in which their concerns have been disregarded by their employer.’ – The Queensland Education United Leadership Team

“… Not only are vaccine mandates unethical, immoral and a violation of human rights – the latest data shows they are based on ignorance, stupidity & superstition.

The data is clear, the triple jabbed are more likely to get COVID than the vaccine free …” – Craig Kelly https://t.me/craigkelly/1811

1 thought on “Queensland Educator Stories

  1. Just part of one very moving story:
    “… I am passionate about empowering Junior School children and helping them to develop their full potential. My
    firm but fair approach often brings out the best in the students in my care and I am renowned at my current
    school for encouraging children to flourish and become the best that they can be. Part of this process includes
    close interaction with parents to encourage communication, participation and reinforce learning in the home
    while building the child’s self-esteem and confidence. A student who is confident is always willing to try things
    they have not experienced before. Building confidence is a critical component for any student’s self-belief.
    Initially, usually at the start of the year, I take the time to build a classroom climate of mutual respect, a sense of
    responsibility with learning, as well as encouraging the character traits of striving and being brave when things
    are tougher than they would expect them to be. My students are inspired to be independent and adaptable, as
    sometimes life is not always a straight and even road. They are supported to make good choices and decisions
    about their learning and about how this learning is presented.

    How can I teach this way yet myself be coerced into taking something I do not wish to have? How can I
    advocate against bullying and standing up for yourself when I have had to cave? If I do go back forced to have the
    vaccine, I know that I will be a very different teacher to the one I am now. I know I will be a very different wife
    as well as a very different mother to my two grown up sons…will they still think of me the same? My
    father emigrated from the Czech Republic with me in 1968 when the communist tanks invaded the country to
    give me a better life. I myself have left South Africa to come to Australia to give my sons a better life. Currently, I
    live with the huge guilt of imposing this extreme controlling governance on my family. It sits very heavily on my
    soul.”… – Educator 314


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